About Us

Metro Expedition is focused on promoting India as a primary tourist destination and have carefully featured all parts of India including the North East. Metro Mart and Executive Knowledge lines are the other publications of the group which has been in existence for nearly 2 decades now.

The magazine features articles reflecting diverse aspects of India touching on culture, history, architecture etc. We intend on providing authentic and independent information, resourceful and entertaining at the same time.

Indian heritage, spiritual tourism circuits of India, unexplored destinations, developments in tourism/destinations, wildlife protection and nature conservation, festivals of India, travel stories, updates in the aviation industry, legendary advice from leaders and mentors in the hospitality industry in India, ethnic food, are few of the regular features.

Our Clientele would include Tour Operators / Travel Consultants, hospitality educational institutions, hotels, resorts, hospitals, restaurants, corporate houses, Indian Consulates, and Embassies all over. India Tourism offices within India and abroad, All tourism Ministers / Secretaries / Directors / Commissioners of various states in India.

'Metro Mart' magazine within the last seven years has been able to make its presence felt in the Kerala State capital city and has now emerged as a utility readers look upon. The magazine has a deep passion to promote the development of Kerala under various realms and it aims to raise awareness about developmental issues among the populace to build up support and to build a strong demand for major projects which benefit not just cities but the whole of South India. Copies of the magazine are made available at every nook and corner of cities which includes hotel rooms, airport, Technopark and various campuses, government offices, news stands, and book stalls. Its digital version is available on the internet.

The eleven years old knowledge-based magazine 'Executive Knowledge Lines' is also now being published by our group.This magazine has also carved a niche among the knowledge-based magazines published from Kerala and has a unique identity.