Adapt to changes to build a brighter future: Governor

ON  29 Feb, 2020

TMA’s two-day meet TRIMA 2020 begins

Adaptingto rapid advances transforming diverse domains is inevitable to keep thecompetitive edge in businesses when the world is on the cusp of the FourthIndustrial Revolution, Hon’ble Governor of Kerala Shri Arif Mohammad Khan todaysaid while inaugurating the two-day annual management conventionof TrivandrumManagement Association (TMA), TRIMA 2020, here.

LaudingTMA for choosing Work in a Changing World- A Vision for Kerala as the theme ofits annual flagship conclave, the Governor said it was important to tap thepossibilities offered by the changes by adopting strategies such as re-skillingand multi-skilling the workforce.

Today’sannual convention rightly focuses on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and itsimpact on our business scenario. The age of Industry 4.0, is marked byautomation through Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, promisinghigher productivity, increased efficiencies,safety, and convenience, the Governor said. Whilethe Fourth Industrial Revolution will make 75 million jobs obsolete by the year2022, it is also projected to create 133 million new jobs, according to arecent World Economic Forum (WEF) report, the Governor noted. Movinginto the era of Industry 4.0 makes it necessary to build competitive advantageby understanding the impact of new Technological changes and to adapt newbusiness models. Business houses also need to apprise governments about theactive role to be played by the State, as a creator and regulator ofinnovation, he said. Qualities such as team work, empathy,curiosity, creativity, Innovation, critical thinking, lifelong learning, socialintelligence and emotional intelligence are essential for everyone today, henoted

Quotingthe ideal that by mutuality and cooperation, all shall achieve the highestwelfare, he said an atmosphere of cooperation between the decision makers andthe workforce is of utmost importance in today’s work atmosphere. DrMI Sahadulla, Chairman TRIMA 2020, said disruptive changes are taking place notonly in technology but also in cultural, healthcare and other vital domains.The conclave willtake stock thepreparedness of Kerala to move forward in this context. MrHemant Nerurkar, Director, Adani Enterprises Ltd, made a broad overview ofprofound changes impacting the ecosystem and ways to cope with them in hiskey-note address.

MrRajesh Jha, TMA president, welcomed the gathering and TMA secretary Mr MaheshLS proposed a vote of thanks. More than 200delegates, including doyens of industry, business leaders, management experts,policy-makers, administrators and startup promoters are participating in thedeliberations at the meet. The Governoralso presented the awards announced by TMA. While Embright Infotech receivedTMA-Adani Startup award KEF Holdings was presented TMA-Terumo Penpol CSR award. The premiermanagement forum affiliated to All India Management Association (AIMA) alsoawarded Mr. Ritto Rexy and Ms. Najla Nazar of Institute of Management in Keralathe TMA-KIMS Award for best paper presentation 2020 on EMPLOYEEENGAGEMENT IN THE ORGANISATION.Mr.Jain Richard & Ms. Midhuna Chandran of St. Xavier’s college of Engineering,(MBA Dept.) received the second prize in the category.

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